Thursday, 25 August 2011


Earth plc
Dogman explains his song was inspired by REM

The song Earth plc was written almost 10 years before it was first recorded as a demo and included in the first Dogman album, The Whisperer, released in 2010. It was a family ‘front room favourite’ at parties which sometimes included a novel and rowdy female backing group (I-Phone Girl, her sister Legal Eagle Suzanne and the Lovely Lesley, his brother in law’s partner) for its chorus:

And we know - when the world - is spinning around. We know  -  when our world  - is going to down and we know - when our feet  - are touching ground.  We know, we know - we know....’

Dogman used to play REM covers at house parties and gigs, including Man in the Moon and Losing my Religion, and announce that Earth plc was his own REM-inspired song.

In the song, we are all invited to take care of our planet – a sentiment plaintively heard in the lyric – It’s you and me - we’re earth plc  - Buy shares buy shares - this is - our universe’

Dogman says, “We don’t know everything about our world and how the mind works yet and it would be fair to say we don’t always look kindly on others!”

David aka Dogman has long been convinced that we should probably stop looking for aliens and going to other planets and start looking after our own world. He even asks in the song that even if aliens were ever found would we even know how to deal with them. 

Earth plc is from the new Dogman album,‘The cat that solved the String Theory’, released by Expat Records in May 2011.

The superb visuals, created by the wonderful Swiss videographer 
Brigitte Norman can also be viewed on YouTube here:

Saturday, 6 August 2011



I recently acquired the UK limited edition CD as a present for my wife who, on listening to it, demanded to know how she could not have heard of him before when he had such a wonderful voice. Hopefully, this new album will ensure fewer people are faced with this question in future.
The author of this beautiful album, Dogman Dave (aka Dr David Sands) is, for me, a musical bridge between folk and rock music. His vocals are often favourably compared to those of Neil Young, though I think they are less reedy and nasal than Mr Young’s. With the strength and clarity of his voice you wouldn’t be surprised to hear him knocking out a folk classic or two, but in this album the tracks are all his own creations. They range from the gentle and romantic “Valentine Light” to the more rocking “Wolves of Winter Hill”. His lyrics, flowing mostly from his own life experiences and beliefs, sometimes carry a message, such as in “Earth Plc”, but are never formulaic. In “Spitfire” he uses the clever allegory of a World War 2 dogfight to describe the sometimes combative nature of personal relationships – but it is written with a loving, rather than bitter, feel.
His fellow musicians in this enterprise, Matt Pawson, Andy Penney and Mr Smith (who also produces) do these songs great justice and the recording quality is beautifully clear and rich.
One of the outstanding tracks on this album for me is “It’s a Love Thing”. I would defy anyone listening to this track not to find their toes tapping and their spirits lifting by the end of it. Not even Monty Burns, that notorious old curmudgeon of “The Simpsons” fame, could resist the uplifting feel of this track. Load this into your MP3 and play on the way to work and your day will surely be improved.